With construction costs on the rise why not settle for a fix cost for your project. Did you know? most architects will charge you a fixed rate of 10% of the overall build cost with using our services. At Quick Homes you will not be Charged a percentage of the overall cost for your build but receive a fixed rate. For example see bellow this will help you make the right decision for your build
Lets look at the current costs with in the construction industry ?
This would be based on a 40 square meter single story extension with renovation works
The current building cost per square meter is between 2,700 – 3,500 euro based on a 40 square meter extension. This could be on the low end of 108,000 euro to 140,000 euro on the high end with paying an architect fee of 10% this could eat into your budget from 10,800 euro to 14,000 euro for fees
What will you get when you choose Quick Homes for your design? We will create and submit a full set of 2D/3D floor plan and realistic drawings on your behalf and submit to your local planning authority at a fixed price of 4,800 euro. In this cost you will also have the ability to design the outside finish look to your project with using our state of the art software we can help you find the right style and look of your new build before work commences example image shown bellow.

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