• This Modular Home Comes in a Size of 8.5M x 12M giving you a total floor space of 100 SQM which allows the unit to facilitate up to 3 bedrooms, one bathroom, a laundry area and also a kitchen combined with a living area. The outside can be finished in multiple different products as shown on the picture it could be done with a steel box cladding to the side and natural wood finish to the front and also could be customized as per customer requirement.
  • Prices Starting from €76500


External  Walls
Thickness: 207-320 mm
Timber Framework:

  • Kiln dried (16 %)
  • Graduated (C16/C24)
  • Dimensions: 165×45 mm

Wind protection board:

  • OSB – 3
  • Thickness – 12 mm


Internal Structural Walls

Thickness: 100×45 mm

Joists System. Quantity: 1 Set

  • Joist’s Beams:

Dimensions 45×195 mm (Softwood)

Graduated (C16/C24)

Rafter system. Quantity: 1 Set

  • Rafters:

Dimensions 45×150 mm (Softwood)
Graduated (C16/C24)

  • Purlins:/beams

Dimensions (boards 45×195 mm; 140×195 mm; 210×195 mm):
Graduated (C16/C24)
Glue – D4 Compatible


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