QH 2


  • This Modular Home Can Facilitate up to 2 bedrooms with a total floor space of 75 SQM with 2 bathrooms and a combined living room with a kitchen along with a laundy room. This unit can come in multiple different finishes as per the picture it would be box steel cladding and natural wood finish but could be customized as per customer requirement.
  • Prices Starting from €56250


External  Walls
Thickness: 207-320 mm
Timber Framework:

  • Kiln dried (16 %)
  • Graduated (C16/C24)
  • Dimensions: 165×45 mm

Wind protection board:

  • OSB – 3
  • Thickness – 12 mm


Internal Structural Walls

Thickness: 100×45 mm

Joists System. Quantity: 1 Set

  • Joist’s Beams:

Dimensions 45×195 mm (Softwood)

Graduated (C16/C24)

Rafter system. Quantity: 1 Set

  • Rafters:

Dimensions 45×150 mm (Softwood)
Graduated (C16/C24)

  • Purlins:/beams

Dimensions (boards 45×195 mm; 140×195 mm; 210×195 mm):
Graduated (C16/C24)
Glue – D4 Compatible


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